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“Hunto”, is derived from the word “Hountou”.

Hountou is a Japanese word and represents “Impossible” word.

Impossible in itself says that I am possible.

Hunto is also in itself says hunt + to i.e. Hunt of finding possible word from impossible tasks. This shows our culture “Just to make everything possible” We work to make everything possible.

But this dynamic approach is not possible from us people.

This approach is developed by our Dynamic Creator and Sharp Minded “Mr. Rajeev Arora”.

Mr. Rajeev Arora is having courage to think differently and have guts to achieve target with his extreme knowledge.

His vision and mission is trying to develop such products to complete impossible tasks in a possible way for achieving incredible success at affordable prices.

Under the supervision of Mr. Rajeev his son Mr. Vaibhav Arora is also following the same culture.

The main culture of Hunto group is to provide the best product in the range of acceptable prices with the best in quality because we feel that our quality is our main concern.

Hunto is a growing group which is working for going forward and assuring that we will work hard for giving good quality at affordable prices with great customer satisfaction.

So we will surely not let you down in quality meet.

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"HUNTO all set to launch its ceiling Fan"

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